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Lake Okeechobee Regional Economic Alliance (LORE)
Website Redesign

LORE came to us for a website redesign which included copywriting and SEO. They had a website that hardly generated any traffic and needed to increase those numbers significantly. They needed to get the site designed and up and running in less than 6 weeks- an extremely tight deadline- just in time to show the state of Florida where their grant money had been put to use.

Because there was not a large amount of time, we recommended WordPress as a quick and economically viable option. Because WordPress has a built in content management system, it made it easier for their staff to make regular updates when necessary. WordPress is also ideal for SEO, with the possibility of customized titles, descriptions and keyword tags.

In 35 days, Zilveti Communications, designed and created a fully functional website for LORE. Rewritten for SEO, this included customized title, description and keyword tags, specifically for each page’s top two – three keywords. Additional heads, subheads, font markup and bullets were created to enhance keyword importance within the copy. This also included searchable, alternative text for each image.

On June 1, 2012 when LORE presented their brand new website to the grant folks at Tallahassee, they were congratulated on the clean look and speed at which it had been created.

Previous LORE website
Redesigned LORE website