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St. Thomas University






Lead Generation


St. Thomas University, a private Catholic University, offering Undergraduate and Graduate degrees, needed to generate awareness and increase enrollment. Because they were not well known among local high school students, they needed a large amount of exposure. To add to the challenge, Broward College and Miami-Dade College, two of their top competitors, were well known in the community.


We studied the competition and saw that STU had a huge advantage over Broward and Miami-Dade— their student/faculty ratio was excellent. Broward College had a student/faculty ratio of 32:1 and Miami-Dade 26:1. STU had an outstanding student/faculty ratio of 14:1. This was fantastic news for an incoming student. They would receive very personalized education and not be a “number” in the crowd.

The campaign “14:1” was created and appeared on strategically placed billboards across Miami-Dade County and inside Dolphin Mall, a mall highly frequented by local high school students and their parents.


In just 45 days, Zilveti Communications conceived of and executed this campaign, successfully directing interested parties to an 800 number at the Office of Admissions that gathered information on numerous high school students and generated a specific database of 121 potential students.